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Aerospace and Military Components and Assemblies. We provide OEM direct materials with full certifications. Current products to EOL (end of life) and obsolescence support for older items.


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Search our inventory for the line items that you need. Browse and select from our real­time inventory database. Use our NSN catalog to find the details of the part you need. In addition, we will refer you to the primary sources and get your confirmed quotes promptly.

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● Use our global network of verified part suppliers for your supply chain

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Positex Inc. is a full service aerospace NSN search provider and a full­ service aerospace and defense part distributor that focuses on providing customers parts for their sustainment and obsolescent needs. Through our supply chain network of partners and manufacturers, we will get you direct quotes for pricing and delivery.

Through our NSN search, search our inventory for the parts and components needed, request a quote, and receive a response within 24 hours.

At Positex Inc. we understand that obsolescence and lead time constraints are major problems facing the aerospace and defense industry. The biggest thing we have learned the last few years is that the technological life of an aircraft is close to unlimited, but the economic life of an aircraft is not. Positex Inc. is a procurement resource to those military contractors, and subcontractors whose sustainment, spares & repair needs can\'t be fully serviced through hither standardized chains.

Our proprietary procurement sysytems help you source and obtain even the most obscure parts you or your company seek. The Positex Inc. group has access to unmatched customer relation tools that allow us to stay on track of your needs. uses its vast industry, as well as its established network of certified suppliers to service our customers. Through our website, our clients can conveniently search millions of parts, find information on parts, and request a quote in minutes.


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