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Aerospace and Military Components and Assemblies. We provide OEM direct materials with full certifications. Current products to EOL (end of life) and obsolescence support for older items.


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About Us

In today's aviation and defense contract industries, locating the parts you need and having a vendor deliver them on time is key, along with finding someone who can secure you a better price than most vendors. The staff at Positex Inc. has years of experience in the Aerospace and Defense industry, and is focused on sustainment and modernization projects domestically and internationally.

We are a supplier of various Aircraft parts, Military parts, Ground Support Equipment, and Maritime Parts. We also carry OEM and Government Excess surplus. We provide added services like Sourcing and Procurement of customer's part requirements.

Our part number database consists of National Stock Numbers (NSN), Manufacture Cross Reference Numbers, and Technical Characteristics. We provide support for Government agencies around the globe, Prime Contractors, Contract Manufacturers, and brokers. Feeling satisfied by fulfilling the customer's needs is the main goal of our team. The ability to adapt to our customer's ever changing needs and utilizing industry leading technology are two more prime reasons to choose Positex Inc..

We also handle consignment inventories for various companies, as well as purchase inventory from companies around the globe looking to reduce their stock. Positex Inc. was created because of a need that we saw in the industry. Aerospace and Defense technology are not only desired by the international community; they are a necessity. No aerospace and defense company is uniquely positioned to conduct that business like Positex Inc.. By epitomizing a true global presence, via a network of companies in various countries providing engineering expertise, development facilities and manufacturing centers, Positex Inc. excels in interconnectivity across the globe.

Our past experience makes us special since we come from both sides of the market. We have worked at some of the largest aerospace and defense Fortune 500 corporations and we have worked for both large and small distributors. Our history allows us to know the real needs of our customers and address them in the best way possible. Our commitment to 100% quality and 100% on-time delivery gives our customers the peace of mind to know that they will receive what they need, when they need it.

Benefits for Aerospace and Millitary Material Buyers

  • We have the resources needed to identify the required components. All regions including Europe and Asia are searched aggressively to find your parts.
  • Product availability, pricing, procurement, quality inspections and shipping are provided by professionals with the experience necessary to meet your demands.
  • We are your dedicated and committed resource for tackling your most difficult sourcing needs. By utilizing our services, you eliminate the time needed to check numerous suppliers - we can supply all your component needs. Our component sourcing service is fast, accurate and highly capable.  

Get the Job Done

  • The timely delivery of purchased components.
  • Warrantied Material.
  • Our service allows you to focus your resources elsewhere.  

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